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"Woudaap" route

for a weekend full of adventure !

65 km, approx. 11 cruising hours = 3 days

This route got its name from the windmill "De Woudaap" in the children's books of Hotze de Roos. In a former farm in Terherne, the village Lenten from the book has been replicated - including blacksmith's shop, police station and mill. Visit the "Kameleon village" together with your kids - I bet they will feel like the leading characters Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer within minutes!

The "Woudaap" route

Startingpoint = JHTerherne, Syl 12, Terherne

TERHERNE - Terkaplester Poelen - Goingarijpster Poelen- Noorder Oudeweg - Zeilrode - JOURE

JOURE - Noorder Oudeweg - Langweerder Wielen - LANGWEER - Janesloot - Koevorder Meer - Prinses Magrietkanaal - Grote Brekken - Rijnsloot - Brandemeer - Woudsloot - SLOTEN

SLOTEN - Slotermeer - Ee - WOUDSEND - Woudsender Rakken - HEEG

HEEG - Johan Frisokanaal - Wijde Wijmerts - IJLST

IJLST - Geeuw - SNEEK - Houkesloot - Prinsesmargrietkanaal - Sneekermeer - TERHERNE

With the Harmony of CenterPoint Charters you can sail the following routes: Southwest-Friesland, North Frisia and the Grote Turf route. Do you have only a few days then take a look at our "Woudaap" route.