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The Large Peat route

romantic journey through three provinces

190 km, approx. 30 hours = 2 weeks

The large peat route is not just any boating route: it's a romantic journey, with a distinct link to a past as a peat cutter colony. Cruising along the channels you can still feel the atmosphere of times long past. The route, with lots of bridges and locks, leads you through a varied rural environment and at the waterfront and in direct neighbourhood many idyllic village and places of interest can be found.

This route is open every year from 15th May till 15th September.
Working hours bridges: MO-SA 9.30 till 16 hrs non-stop. Only in July/August the bridges/locks are also serviced on Sundays.

Clearance lowest bridge on this route: 3.40 m 

The Great Peat-route

Startingpoint = JHTerherne, Syl 12, Terherne

TERHERNE - Zandsloot - Geeuw - Het Deel - HEERENVEEN - Engelenvaart - Tjonger - Jonkers- of Helomavaart - LINTHORST HOMANSLUIS

LINTHORST HOMANSLUIS - Linde - Ossenzijlstersloot - OSSENZIJL - Kanaal Steenwijk-Ossenzijl - Steenwijkerdiep - STEENWIJK

STEENWIJK - Steenwijker Diep - Kanaal Beukers-Steenwijk - GIETHOORN - Kanaal Beukers-Steenwijk - Beulakerwijde - Belterwijde - Beukersgracht - Meppeler Diep - ZWARTSLUIS

ZWARTSLUIS - Meppeler Diep - MEPPEL - Drentse Hoofdvaart - DIEVER

DIEVER - Drentse Hoofdvaart - HIJKERSMILDE - Wittewijk - APPELSCHA APPELSCHA - Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart - GORREDIJK

GORREDIJK - Nieuwevaart - Nieuwediep - ALDEBOARN

ALDEBOARN - Boorne - AKKRUM - Meinesloot - Geeuw - Basis Centerpoint Charters TERHERNE

With the Harmony of CenterPoint Charters you can sail the following routes: Southwest-Friesland, North Frisia and the Grote Turf route. Do you have only a few days then take a look at our "Woudaap" route